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Hotelplayer.com is your easy way to find the best rate for thousands of hotels worldwide.

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You can instantly compare the rates offered by the most popular booking websites or by the hotel directly.

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  • Earn credit and get real discounts

You can earn and collect virtual credit that you can convert to real money when you complete a hotel booking on Hotelplayer.com.

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Connect your Hotelplayer account to facebook and make the most of your travel experience.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Map integrated

You can instantly check the hotel's location on the map and find where to stay next to airports, fair sites, restaurants or other points of interest.

  • Special offers just for you
  • Email alerts

If you tell us the destinations you would like to visit, our hotel partners will promote a special offer just for you!

  • Secure payment
  • No credit card needed

We offer a range of secure payment methods to suit everyone's needs. No credit card holders can opt for a bank transfer payment.

  • No booking fees
  • No hidden costs

You can display the rates in 35 different currencies with the peace of mind that no hidden costs will be ever charged to you.


This chart shows the top destinations according to the number of hotel searches performed over the last 30 days. The chart is updated daily.

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